Exporting an Animation for [Call Of Duty] (Maya)
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Pre-first step: Always make sure your CodMayaTools are up-to-date from this link: CodMayaTools

This tutorial goes over properly exporting an animation for the Call of Duty series in Maya.

NOTE: Please take your time while following the steps, you'll likely encounter an error otherwise

This tutorial assumes you've already followed: Proper Import or have already created a custom animation.

Next follow these instructions in-order:

  1. If you are exporting a weapon anim, continue below, otherwise skip to step 2
    1. If you're exporting an animation that is NOT an ads you need to select the tag_cambone and the tag_torso tags (as shown)
    2. Then go to Edit->Select Hierarchy
    3. If you're exporting an ads animation, you must select ONLY tag_view and tag_torso
    4. If you've gotten here, skip to step 3.
  2. This applies to none weapon animations, continue below
    1. Select tag_origin or whatever root bone your model has
    2. After selecting the proper joints go to Edit->Select Hierarchy to select the child bones (as shown)
    3. Continue to step 3
  3. The file step is exporting the animation using CodMayaTools
  4. Go to Call of Duty Tools->Export XAnim and you will be presented with the export menu.
  5. First, you must enter in the end frame time, as shown below you can find that time here:
  6. Enter that in the second box from the top (Will be shown below)
  7. Next, either use the Grab notes feature to get notetracks, or enter them in manually.
  8. Finally select a path to save the file using the ... button. Below you'll see a completed export window
  9. Click on Export Selection to save the animation.
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