Custom round sounds
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Setting up sounds

To set up your sounds so they work with Black Ops III, you need to use a program such as Audacity. Make sure your project rate in hertz is set to 48000 and that when you export the format is WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM like in these screenshots:

That's the first part done. Your sounds will now work in Black Ops III, but you now need them in-game.

Exporting sounds

Make sure you export your sounds to sound_assets in your Black Ops III folder, just make a folder inside there and put your sounds into it.

Setting up the aliases

From the root Black Ops III folder, go to share/raw/sound/aliases/. In here you should find user_aliases.csv. Open the file and add these lines somewhere inside it:

#Round Sounds
NOTE: There are 8 possible round sounds you can have. This is because The Giant has 8 round sounds in total. You can absolutely set all of them to the same sound and it will play just one round sound. However, if you do want multiple sounds, note that the mus_roundstart_shortX_intro round sounds play from round 6 and are intended to be shorter sounds. The others, mus_roundstartX_intro play from round 2 to 5. This means that you can only really have four custom round sounds if you want the same ones to be playing throughout the whole game.
mus_roundstart_first_introthe round sound that plays when you first spawn in
mus_roundstart_short1_introthe first randomly picked round sound that plays from round 6
mus_roundstart_short2_introthe second randomly picked round sound that plays from round 6
mus_roundstart_short3_introthe third randomly picked round sound that plays from round 6
mus_roundstart_short4_introthe fourth randomly picked round sound that plays from round 6
mus_roundstart1_introthe first randomly picked round sound that plays from round 2 to 5
mus_roundstart2_introthe second randomly picked round sound that plays from round 2 to 5
mus_roundstart3_introthe third randomly picked round sound that plays from round 2 to 5
mus_roundstart4_introthe fourth randomly picked round sound that plays from round 2 to 5
mus_roundend1_introthe round end sound
mus_dogstart1_introthe dog round start sound
mus_dogend1_introthe dog round end sound
mus_gameover_introthe game over music

To add your sound in, replace your_folder with the folder you made earlier in sound_assets and replace the wav file name that comes after the folder with whatever you've named your specific sound. For example, in my case my folder is round_sounds and if I was for example wanting to add in my custom round start sound named aldwychrs.wav to replace mus_roundstart1_intro, the line for mus_roundstart1_intro would end up looking like this:


And you're done! Save the file and compile and link your mod and your custom round sounds will now be in-game.

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