Setting Up Different Mystery Boxes ( Origins, MOTD and SOE included )
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Download: Everything You Need


  • Download the files and extract them into your root directory ( Root directory is your Black Ops 3 install )
  • Copy the scripts from the usermaps OPEN ME folder to your map's script folder

Override the stock script:

  • Go to Root/zone_source/all/assetlist
  • Open the zm_patch.csv
  • Find the two following lines : ( in mine its line 375 and 376 )
  • Comment the two lines out like so
// scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/
// scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/_zm_magicbox.gsc

o Dont worry this will not have any negative effect on anything


  • Open your map's Zone File and add the following line :


  • Open your map in radiant
  • Place which ever boxes you want to use

o The prefabs are located at - map_source/_prefabs/zm/harrybo21_prefabs/mysterybox

o Multiple different boxes in one map is possible

o Do not use two of the same number box ( eg MOTD 0 and Origins 0 ) - This will break them completely until you correct it

o Remember how to count, you must use the prefabs in order, eg 0 1 2 3 4, you cannot place 0 and 4 for example

That is all for radiant

Setting up the Sounds:

Go to root/usermaps/YOUR_MAP/sound/zoneconfig/

You will find a SZC file with your maps name. Open this in any text editor

Find this section ( Be aware that the copy of the SZC we are originally given is horribly formatted )

"Sources" : [
	"Type" : "ALIAS",
	"Name" : "user_aliases",
	"Filename" : "user_aliases.csv",
	"Specs" : [ ] 

add this under it, its pretty much copy paste with the name and filename changed

	"Type" : "ALIAS",
	"Name" : "mysterybox_sounds",
	"Filename" : "mysterybox_sounds.csv",
	"Specs" : [ ] 

You are DONE

  • Compile and link your map
  • you are DONE

o To fully compile and link your map, tick the "Compile", "Light" and "Link" tick boxes in launcher, and click "Build"

Ok, so assuming you've followed these steps exactly - you now just need to recompile your map and link in launcher. Now go test!

Still to come!

Harry Bo21

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