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Frequently asked questions and information about Wraith Archon

NOTE: Do everyone a favor and take your time while running, lots of issues may occur when rushing!

Q: I can't open some of the DDS's produced by Wraith
A: A lot of the DDS formats from some of the newer games use are too new for some editors, please switch to TGA or TIFF formats for the best compatibility. If you still want to open the DDS, with photoshop you can use Intel's plugin here INTEL TEXTURE WORKS

Q: Wraith says failed to load game
A: Either you have an outdated game, your PC requires administrator access, or don't own the game officially on steam. Wraith and Modme do NOT support piracy in any way and only provide working support for the official and up-to-date copies of the game. If you still have a problem and meet the criteria, please verify the game cache, and if problems still occur report it as an error in our Maniphest.

Q: Unsupported file extraction (None referenced file)
A: This file doesn't have data in it, the files are going to be in another archive. Also, disable "Show file references that can't be extracted in settings."

Q: Wraith says failed to load game (WAW/COD4)
A: Setup the legacy game paths in settings.

Q: Some of the tag names are wrong or missing
A: In every case we've seen it's because you are trying to use Wraith on a pirated copy of the game, which as stated above we do not support. If in fact it is a recent update of the game, standby for an update to allow support for the game.

Q: Something is not exporting
A: As stated it's usually the case of having a non-steam copy of the game and or pirated one. Verify the game cache if not and also try running as Admin, it's not required but some PC configurations require it.

Q: The model is low poly
A: Either you exported the "low poly version" or the model isn't in your hands or fully loaded. Some games this is the case.

Q: Wraith won't open
A: This could happen for a number of reasons, typically just re-downloading from the Wraith page solves it. Also, deleting %temp%\wraith_old.exe. If not, run as admin. After those steps have been taken, try to move Wraith's folder to like C:\Wraith and launch there, if it works, you have a windows permissions issue! If not, install these: Visual Studio 2013 Runtime (Both x86 and x64).

Q: Animations aren't working in my Maya
A: Almost all anims from the games Wraith support have been checked and work. Autodesk likes so ruin their software every year and after version 2015 they added namespaces to the names of certain joints. These namespaces mess up the animations and exports. You'll need to remove them in order to make your animation work properly. Our bind files remove them once dragged onto the scene so you may save the scene ones completed.

Q: Will Wraith support X game
A: Wraith aims to support the majority of all of the Call of Duty games in due time. A lot of games I don't own and don't plan to spend money on can be donated to the cause, as always I only work with OFFICIAL steam copies of the game.

NOTE: A donated game doesn't guarantee fast support for it, I don't just jump around and work on separate projects. It also doesn't give you early access to any Wraith assets from the game.

Q: Some of my textures are Black and White when they have color in game
A: This most likely means you're referring to games which have player skins. Skins are applied dynamically and need to be gotten from the image files (even default ones!) the black and white you see is merely a base texture.

Q: Can I get banned for using Wraith
A: In theory and practice no. However in the off chance that you are, you already agreed that by downloading and using it that Wraith is provided without any warranty. Use it at your own risk, even though thousands of people use Wraith every day just fine.

Q: Wraith crashed with a memory error
A: First, verify cache as always. Second it usually only happens when you export in bulk, due to the way exporting some files is memory usage gets higher and sometimes can fail on weaker systems. It is recommended to just export what you need anyways.

Q: Only part of a audio file is working from a *.sabl file
A: This is because it only contains the first part of the file, you'll need to find the *.sabs that contains the same file, this will be the whole audio file. Note, this does not always happen.

Q: My question was not answered where can I get help
A: First off my Modme inbox is NOT the place for help, any message regarding any sort of help question will be deleted. If you have a bug please make a forum post on the Modme site about your issue.

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